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Licenced RTO members of the Resources Training Council deliver several activity based programs
to improve workforce competency and safety.

Our Licenced Products

Resources Training Council licenses fit for purpose courses to a number of our member RTOs who deliver public and custom courses for their clients.

Courses Offered

Course in Field-Based Training and Assessment (10235NAT)

This Course provides workplace trainers and assessors with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform effectively in these roles.

The Course in Field-based Training and Assessment consists of one core unit and one elective unit, as shown below. The units may be completed in any order.

  • WPTASS001 Carry out workplace assessment – Core – 2 days
  • TAEDEL301 Provide Work skill instruction – Elective – 3 days
  • WPDEL001 Coach others in the workplace – Elective – 2 days

RTC has now sub-contracted four (4) RTC member RTOs to deliver this Course. Each RTO has undergone extensive training to deliver this Course including a rigorous approval process for each trainer.

Standard 11 Inductions

The face to face programs focus on a strong foundation of underpinning knowledge and application of basic principles. A key aim of the program is to influence participant’s behaviour around safety. Our ‘hands on’ approach focuses on What’s In It For Me (WIIFM). Group challenges and discussions coupled with a number of reflective activities and takeaways are used to increase the opportunities for behavioural change.

After successfully completing this program, participants will complete relevant site induction programs on the sites they will be working on followed by an on-site verification process to ensure the key components of the units of competency are applied at a site level.

Surface Induction2 DaysPlus on site verification
Underground Induction1 DayParticipant must complete the surface before undertaking the underground induction
Surface and/or Underground RPL1/2 DayParticipants are required to gather supporting evidence prior to attending and completing challenge tests
Surface Refresher1 DayParticipants must provide evidence of previous Standard 11 to undertake Refresher


Programs meet the requirements for the following units:

  • RIICOM201D: Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIGOV201D: Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIWHS201D: Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
  • RIIRIS201D: Conduct local risk control
  • RIIERR302E: Respond to local emergencies and incidents
  • RIIERR205D: Apply initial response First Aid
  • Underground will also complete the following unit
    RIIERR203D: Escape from a hazardous situation unaided

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