Partnership with The University of Queensland

We are pleased to announce a research partnership between Resources Training Council and UQ Learning Lab.

What does the UQ, RTC and Resources Industry Partners aim to do?

  • Harness the breadth of UQs science of learning expertise in partnership with key industry stakeholders to translate learning research into positive real-world impact.
  • Identify authentic learning challenges and opportunities in real-world learning and training contexts and work with industry partners to collaboratively design and implement programs of research to produce actionable, scalable, sustainable and innovative solutions.
  • Translate and communicate findings from these research projects through developing resources that are relevant, innovative, useful and accessible for stakeholders (e.g., industry publications, webinars, Podcasts, videos, Infographics, professional training).
  • Build trainer and leader capability in the principles of effective learning.

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What is the UQ Learning Lab?

The UQ Learning Lab is a collaboration between multi-disciplinary research and industry partners to understand and address authentic needs, priorities and problems identified by industry, co-construct and implement possible solutions, and evaluate impact on a range of learning and training outcomes.

Aims of the Partnership

To develop shared understanding of the barriers and enablers to effective training

To identify the training needs and priorities of the sector

To start to build an evidence base for “what good looks like”