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We're for better industry

Become a Member

We’re for better industry.

There’s strength in numbers. If your company is involved in the resources industry and you share our mission to deliver better training and safety outcomes, we want you on our team.

  • Individual*
  • Business up to 50 Employees
  • Business up to 500 Employees
  • Single Mine Site Operation or Company
  • Multi Mine Site Operation or Company
  • $350
  • $600
  • $1000
  • $1500
  • $5500

*Individual members are not eligible to promote their business on the RTC website or in the Member Dashboard. Discounts and other benefits can only be used by the individual member. (Business member benefits can be used by all employees including discounts for all events and other offers and access to the member dashboard.)

Member Benefits

  • Representation to key government and industry stakeholders
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  • Opportunity to receive other stakeholder latest information and updates
  • Access to the members dashboard for member only content
  • Free attendance at all Industry Network Meetings
  • Discounts on Professional Development workshops and other events
  • Discounts on consultancy services provided by RTC
  • Discounts on training and services provided by other members
  • Opportunity to build your business and personal networks

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

The more you are involved in the Council the more you will get from your membership. Below are examples of how to get the most out of your investment.

Member - up to 50 employees
EventAttendanceMember Discounts
Industry Network Meeting1 participant x 2 in the year$200
Webinars1 participant x 2 in the year$150
Annual Conference1 delegate$300
Total Discounts$600
Cost of Membership$600
Member Multi-site
EventAttendanceMember Discounts
Industry Network Meetings5 Participants x 3 in the year$1500
PD Workshops5x 1 full day workshop$1000
Webinars5 participant x 2 in the year$1500
Annual Conference5 delegates$1500
Total Discount$5500
Cost of Membership$5000


Being a member of Resources Training Council has provided us with new opportunities this year. These have been invaluable to our business.

RTC helped us stay relevant within the industry providing key insights and simplifying the Brady Review. The member and network meetings have broadened our network and allowed us to meet people with similar issues that we face in our industry. It’s been great to know that with RTC and its members we don’t need to do it alone!

Despite a challenging year, RTC has had their finger on the pulse within industry to keep members up to date and informed.

Thanks for sharing!