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Klinge Holdings Pty Ltd


KLINGE has been a training advocate the entirety of our 50 year journey in the tyre and mining industries. From humble beginnings in St George Queensland as a local tyre service company to providing leading tyre management software, training & consulting services to over 40 countries in the mining, quarry and industrial space. The KLINGE long-term objectives are to contribute, learn and grow with the industries we service so we can improve safety & efficiency outcomes for all.

Specializing in OTR tyres in particular Mining, KLINGE partnered with the USA Tire Industry Association (TIA) to develop a training program for national use in the early 2000s. KLINGE continues to maintain and contribute to the evolution of this material & organization 2 decades on. The TIA ETS (Earthmover Tire Service) training package is delivered by KLINGE trainers in various countries with the exception of Australia & New Zealand.

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